Remote production of sport coming to the fore now more than ever

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Other

Cerberus has pointed to remote operations as a way to take sports broadcasting forward through today’s troubling times.

In light of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, Chris Clarke, CEO, Cerberus, told SVG Europe: “This pandemic is having severe implications on a global scale and across multiple industries. It isn’t ‘business as usual’ anywhere or for anyone at the moment but we wanted to assure our customers, contacts and suppliers that everyone at Cerberus Tech is working remotely and are readily available to support you, as we have been from day one.

“For all current customers, we continue to monitor all services and our 24/7/365 engineering support team remain on hand for any issues or escalation requirements as normal,” he continued. “Whilst everyone adjusts to the ever-changing landscape, we are keen to carry on as normally as possible and are poised to carry out remote demos of our services and products, should there be a demand.”

On how Cerberus’ technology can specifically help sports media organisations and their workers to continue to produce content in more remote and collaborative ways at this time, Clarke said: “Our solutions enable sports broadcasters to deliver video quickly and cost efficiently, from anywhere to anywhere. Our Livelink platform was built to deliver live linear content from venues to strategic infrastructure including BT Tower and many sports broadcasters directly over the internet.

“With teams being more remote than ever before, it can help get content easily and quickly from an on site production to a studio for review, edits, and/or processing or it can deliver immediately to your rights holders and broadcast partners.  Being cloud-based means that our customers can move to fully remote working to keep their employees safe, while still keeping sporting content online,” added Clarke.

Over the past few days and weeks, Clarke said Cerberus has been working with a number of small sporting events that have until now managed to keep going. He continued: “With major sporting events cancelled, these smaller events have become highly sought after by consumers eager for any sporting content to fill that void. Once these are also stopped, sports providers will need to begin looking for other ways to keep sports fans engaged.

“Whatever that may be, we can help get it to the right people at the right time. We have available rental stock of flypack encoders which are remotely controlled once on site which also cuts down on event staffing,” concluded Clarke.

By Heather McLean, Editor, SVG Europe