Livelink Unveils Enhanced User Interface for Seamless Video Contribution and Distribution

by | Jul 10, 2023 | Blog Post

Livelink, a leading software as a service platform developed by Cerberus Tech, has recently launched its enhanced user interface, revolutionising the landscape of video contribution and distribution for organisations in the media and broadcast industry. 

With a firm commitment to innovation, collaboration, and a broadcast-centric approach, Livelink’s new UI empowers content stakeholders at all levels to seamlessly deliver and receive high-quality live content. 

These groundbreaking updates provide a wide range of benefits that enhance efficiency, control, and overall user experience, making Livelink the go-to platform for video contribution and distribution.

Real-Time Insights for Workflows

At the heart of Livelink’s UI is the revamped Sources view. This dynamic view leverages WebSocket data to deliver real-time, comprehensive statistics for each video source, offering users an instant overview of their data sources. 

The global WebSocket client initialises at user login ensuring persistent live subscriptions and improved application performance during navigation. This update therefore enables customers to make informed decisions and adapt quickly to changing requirements, and allows for optimal resource allocation, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and seamless video delivery.

Web sockets showing real time alerts 1

Sharper Visuals for an Enhanced User Experience

The latest release also includes a more robust Source Thumbnail component. This upgraded feature leverages advanced technology to generate thumbnails up to three times, resulting in increased image quality and maintaining a consistent 16:9 aspect ratio. 

The improved visuals provide a more immersive user experience, enabling faster content identification and leading to increased productivity and smoother navigation within the platform. 

Greater Control with Source Management

Livelink’s UI update empowers users with improved Source control capabilities. Organisations can now manually start, stop, or restart video sources, providing greater flexibility and control. 

This ensures smooth operations, reduces downtime, and prioritises the integrity and stability of content, enabling organisations to consistently deliver high-quality services to their audience.

Efficient Scheduling for Enhanced Productivity

One of the standout features of Livelink’s new UI is the completely overhauled Scheduler. With feedback from existing customer users, this powerful tool has undergone a total rewrite, prioritising the user experience and providing a one-stop shop for managing all live features. 

With improved interaction and intuitive scheduling capabilities, the updated Scheduler streamlines the process of managing live content. By centralising key functions such as source and destination content, health, and statistics, users can now easily schedule and manage multiple items simultaneously on one screen, saving valuable time and effort. 

Scheduling editor

Enhanced Navigation for a Seamless Experience

In line with its commitment to innovation and user-centric design, Livelink has restructured the main app menu sidebar, enhancing navigation and delivering the best possible user experience. This update provides faster and more intuitive access to various features and functionalities. 

Additionally, the inclusion of a real-time environments switcher ensures that users can seamlessly switch between different environments, optimising their workflows and minimising disruptions. 


The launch of Livelink’s new user interface marks a significant milestone in the development of a video contribution and distribution platform that puts broadcast workflows first. 

With real-time insights, efficient scheduling, sharper visuals, improved performance, greater control, and easier navigation, Livelink’s UI updates provide video contribution and distribution organisations with the tools they need to deliver high-quality live content seamlessly. Together with the simple pay-as-you-go pricing structure, Cerberus Tech continues to empower organisations to overcome commercial and technical constraints when it comes to live content management workflows.

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To find out more about Livelink, request a demo, or find out how Cerberus Tech could support your organisation with your IP contribution and distribution projects, please get in touch with the team today!