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We’re not just part of the change. we’re at the forefront, crafting the future of live video distribution.


Cerberus Tech Ltd operates a truly global video delivery network for 24/7 channels, sports, live events and production.

Leveraging next generation cloud technology to deliver content securely and cost-effectively anywhere in the world

As a truly global company we democratise the broadcast industry by developing world class products that remove commercial and technical constraints, and empower users to contribute, process and deliver their high-quality content without the traditional complexity.

Our cloud processing and transport solutions enable increased efficiency at a reduced cost, when compared to traditional methods such as fibre and satellite alone.

We adapt to customer’s requirements, whether they need scalable set-ups for live content, a 24/7/365 linear distribution platform or to augment existing satellite delivery.

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Open Broadcast Systems
SRT Alliance

Cerberus Tech harnesses the power and resilience of the internet, to deliver some of the most exciting content and prestigious events on the planet. 

Our IP delivery solutions are changing the way content is broadcast. A cloud-based approach keeps flexibility at its core, whilst maintaining the highest quality broadcasting feeds. Offering unrivalled IP contribution and distribution expertise, Cerberus Tech is committed to staying ahead of the broadcasting curve. This allows our customers to easily future-proof their content delivery infrastructure and workflows.

How can I respond to changing broadcast requirements?

Cerberus Tech’s approach offers responsive, scalable infrastructure that we can adapt to your requirements. Our IP solutions range from delivering content over a few days, to a 24/7/365 “always on” channel. Cloud-based infrastructure and flexible pricing allows our customers to only pay for what they need, when they need it. 

Which delivery protocol should I use?

We provide the agility to deploy resources your way, delivering to any destination and in any format. Our solutions are designed to be truly interoperable, offering both cloud and protocol agnostic delivery and we can advise on the most suitable approach. This means our customers and their takers can use multiple supported formats and infrastructure that is tailored to their equipment, without the need for proprietary software.

What about latency?

Cerberus Tech can deliver video content within 1 second globally. Providing its customers with the flexibility to set timings for packet recovery and plan a latency budget that works for them. We optimise every step of the link so that you can anticipate exactly how your content will reach an audience.

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“24/7 support is on point every time helping to resolve any networking issues if they arise normally with venue network setups. The future of broadcast is IP and Cerberus can offer reliable and cost efficient solutions to enhance productions.”

Paul Kendall
Production and Streaming, Televideo

“Cerberus’ approach to troubleshooting our queries and finding effective solutions, the affiliate onboarding process and the handling of varied takers requirements really helps to get things across the line quickly.”

Oleg Gribanov
VP Media Technology, Production & Operations, Discovery

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