New Beginnings: Company Management Restructure and Unveiling Our Fresh Logo!

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Blog Post

Cerberus Tech Ltd is excited to reveal an enhanced management structure and a fresh new look. At a time of considerable change in the media, broadcast and entertainment industry, Cerberus Tech is reintroducing itself to the market as the home of broadcast IP innovation, with its outstanding selection of self-service and managed services solutions.  

At the helm of Cerberus Tech’s new management structure is Brad Carter who has been appointed as the company’s Managing Director. Having successfully managed the in-house development of our core solutions since day 1, Brad is now stepping up to lead on the strategic direction of the company. Chris Clarke is pivoting into the role of Chief Revenue Officer and will focus on optimising the company’s routes to market, and nurturing customer and supplier partnerships to meet our ambitious growth targets.

Completing the senior management structure are Kevin Taylor as Commercial Director, Chris Perkiss as Head of Operations, and Cheryl Povey as Head of Finance. 

On his new role, Brad Carter said, “In the ever-evolving media and broadcast landscape, staying at the forefront of technological advancements and continually innovating is essential. I have always relentlessly pursued new ideas, technologies and approaches that empower us to address the unique challenges of live video distribution so that we can best support our customers.” 

Brad continues, “We are fortunate enough to have weathered the last few years and this is a testament to how we have designed our solutions and the agility that is baked into our business as a whole.” 

“It is so true that companies that adapt to changing industry demands and lead the way in innovation are the ones that thrive, particularly in the face of challenging economic conditions. The way I see it, Cerberus is not only keeping up with the pace of change, we’re setting it. We have spent a lot of time this year re-evaluating what Cerberus Tech stands for and what we want to achieve going forward and I am eager to see what successes lay ahead!” 

Stepping into his new role, Chris Clarke comments, “Regardless of my job title, my favourite thing about my role at Cerberus Tech has always been talking to customers and suppliers, and working with them to solve the challenges that present themselves, however difficult they might seem at first. I’ve always felt that our key strength is that our neutral position means we’re the only company that can truly offer unrivalled, and more importantly unbiased, expertise in broadcast contribution and distribution solutions. I am so excited to be able to dedicate more of my time to doing just that!” 


As well as the new management structure, Cerberus Tech have also revealed new company branding in the form of a colourful new logo. The company’s products, Livelink and Network 1, will continue to use the same branding.  On the reasons behind this change, Chris Clarke said, “Updating the logo is more than just a visual change for us; alongside the management changes we’ve made, it is a reflection of the company’s commitment to creativity, innovation and a nod to the evolutionary process we have been through as a business.”

Brad concludes, “Adding some colour to our traditionally monochrome logo was intentional in order to manifest the bright and vibrant future for the company.” 

To find out more about Cerberus Tech, head to our website or, better still, get in touch with the team and let’s organise a meeting!