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Focus on content,
not the distribution

Network 1 is a scalable and cost-effective IP platform, for the primary distribution of linear content.

24/7/365 fully managed services, with quick and efficient implementation

Cost-effective broadcast grade delivery, over managed or unmanaged networks

Scalable, multi-destination channel distribution to global audiences

Multi-cloud compatible, protocol agnostic, secure and reliable delivery.

Reliable and cost-effective

  • Fast service setup
  • No long-term minimum contracts
  • Redundancy, fail over and monitoring options
  • Use existing equipment or utilise our best in class encoding platforms.

Network 1 will transform your distribution workflows

Quick and efficient

Offering significantly quicker implementation than traditional fibre and satellite distribution methods, we make the process of getting up and running with Network 1 simple.

Our set-up is normally measured in hours rather than months. The current record (not that we are counting) from introduction to a new affiliate in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to sign off on the channel delivery is 37 minutes. For our existing customers we are able to offer same day setup to IP ready affiliates.

Flexible and Scaleable

We know how important flexibility and customisation is for broadcasters and content owners, so you can use Network 1 as your back-up service or to augment / replace fibre & satellite. Network 1 is multi-cloud compatible, protocol agnostic and delivers over managed or unmanaged networks. Our team will work with you to determine the right approach and format required. Infinite scalability ensures on-boarding new channels is easy and if no hardware is required, customers can deliver to new affiliates or broadcast platform operators straight away.

Network 1 is compatible with existing hardware, or customers can utilise our team’s expertise to introduce best-in-class encoders. Our hardware options suit all affiliate’s hand-off requirements including multi-channel SDI decoders, ASI or IP handoff, and options for a return feed for off air monitoring.

Cost Effective

We offer commercially attractive contract terms with flexible packages to suit the terms of your playout contract, allowing you to only pay for what you really need.

Network 1 customers are rewarded with multi-year discounts, but unlike satellite leases, we don’t require a minimum commitment from our contracts. Explore new revenue opportunities, secure in the knowledge that Network 1 is offering you the best value possible.

Reliable and Secure

Our redundancy, fail-over, monitoring and management options offer complete reliability, and ensures that if your main path fails, the backup delivery path always works.

Network 1 enables customers to automatically reroute content based on the best available link. We ensure five 9s reliability, guaranteed low-latency globally and any issues are detected within milliseconds. Network 1 supports Zixi, RIST and SRT for transport protection, and delivers latency low enough to meet any use case.

Service Led

We don’t just offer cloud capacity and leave our customers to it. Network 1 is a fully managed service , with network management and monitoring capabilities.

Our faultless 24/7/365 monitoring platform offers customers complete control of their content distribution. With a single point of contact on-hand, to assist with any distribution needs.

Future Proof

Change is here. The organisations that are prepared to innovate and move towards a cloud-based future, will enjoy significant savings, more flexibility and ensure the longevity of their business. Network 1 has proven its reliability within the broadcasting market and our experts can guide you through the benefits of moving to this fully managed service.

The technology which underpins our offering is unequivocal, we work with world-class partners to ensure broadcasting grade encoding and distribution. Network 1 harnesses the power of the internet to deliver a robust, low-latency distribution method, which is moving broadcasting into a new era. Become a part of this innovation and get in touch for a quote and more information.

“Cerberus’ approach to troubleshooting our queries and finding effective solutions, the affiliate onboarding process and the handling of varied takers requirements really helps to get things across the line quickly.”

Oleg Gribanov
VP Media Technology, Production & Operations, Discovery

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