Live IP sports production for the Scottish Premier Football League

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Blog Post

IP technology has played a crucial role in enabling live sports to be broadcast cost-effectively, with socially distanced production and remote commentary. The shift to IP has proven benefits for live content distribution. While IP offers the most cost-efficient delivery approach, for it to become ubiquitous, it must be: 

  • Self-managed
  • Cloud agnostic
  • Compliant with multiple protocols
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Easy to use 

In this session from VidTrans 2021, CEO of Cerberus Tech, Chris Clarke provides a case study of how, during the pandemic, live sports production and distribution has adapted to empty stadiums and unpredictable schedules. This session will outline the key considerations when shifting to IP for live sports, drawing on the Scottish Premier League Football (SPFL) and its domestic distribution which has been successfully delivered using IP technology. 

The SPFL season began in August 2020 and ends in May 2021. All the required hardware needed to be shipped in order to maintain social distancing and IP infrastructure needed to be set up remotely. All 228 matches are distributed using a SaaS live delivery platform, with 142 of the matches produced by QTV Sports. Live feeds are distributed to QTV and directly to SPFL Clubs and partners, enabling them to deliver to social media and their own TV channels, as well as to UK broadcasters. 

Watch the video here to discover more on how Cerberus Tech supports live IP production and distribution.