Is there a future for satellite within broadcast?

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Blog Post

Broadcasters have steadily been shifting to an IP and cloud-based future, which has been further accelerated over the past year. As broadcasters are looking for more cost-efficient video production, contribution, and distribution workflows, does satellite still have a place in the next generation of broadcasting? 

In this session, IABM and The Satcoms Innovation Group bring together experts to discuss satellite’s place in the broadcasting chain and ask how traditional broadcast methods can remain relevant. It will also explore the future role of these methods as an enabler of next-generation technology and what the satellite industry needs to do to facilitate this.

Catch up on the recent webinar which starts with an overview of the current state of the industry and analyses the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the broadcasting sector. This is followed by a panel discussion featuring experts from Cerberus Tech, Nextologies and Video-Flow which covers industry roadblocks, emerging technologies and the evolution of the satellite and IP sectors. The session explores the differences between traditional and new methods for broadcast and the benefits of both, as well as emphasising the importance of educating providers on the importance of working collaboratively within the industries. The session ends with a fireside chat between IABM and Intelsat, which further explores the changing role of satellite.

Watch the recording here