Niche Sports: Why IP delivery is the right choice

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Blog Post

The world of sports broadcasting is adapting at a fast pace. With changes in consumer habits and innovations in technology, the doors are opening for sports organisations to reach wider audiences. Niche sports organisations are taking advantage of opportunities to share content previously only afforded to larger, mainstream sports. 

While tier-one sports remain amongst the most popular for broadcasters, niche sports such as archery and badminton are gaining interest. With an increasing demand for content from the niche sports market, what can federations do to maximise their reach and access the same opportunities as the big players?  

Cerberus Tech has worked with both major and niche sports organisations to deliver content globally. Through its IP offering, Livelink, sports can be distributed to multiple takers and showcased across the world. The best part is you only need a venue with an internet connection to use it. 

IP technology offers the same opportunities to sports organisations, regardless of their size and fan base. The main challenge associated with IP, is the lack of awareness of the benefits it offers the sports industry. We’ll explore 3 key factors to consider when delivering content via IP and outline why it really is the best solution for niche sports organisations to maximise their reach: 

  • Flexibility
  • Control and management
  • Affordability


Live sports are often unpredictable, so providers need delivery solutions they can rely on. Sporting events frequently run over their scheduled time, so organisations need peace of mind that the delivery feed can expand in response to unscheduled changes.

Timing is crucial with live sports. It is vital that broadcasters can deliver live content globally as it happens. With consumers growing more dependent on second screens, the last thing anyone needs is to find out the final score on Facebook before you’ve caught it live. Livelink is deployable on a global scale, delivering high quality IP feeds within a one second delay.

With the ability to set it up in just a few minutes, Livelink’s adaptable infrastructure delivers solutions which can be tailored to individual sports event requirements, meaning resources are efficiently utilised. 

Control and Management

Regardless of how much preparation has gone into planning an event, there is always a chance of things not going as expected. With every sporting event having different requirements, broadcasters should have the confidence to respond to any unprecedented changes as soon as they become apparent.  

Livelink puts the user in complete control of their content, routing and scheduling ensuring workflows are suitably managed. It allows users to customise their monitoring settings and alert profiles, enabling them to focus on what matters most – the match. We understand that live events are unique in their characteristics and that different sports need monitoring that’s specific to their requirements. 

Niche Sports need Affordability

A major issue faced by niche sports organisations is that they are restricted in their budgets. Without commercial partnerships and merchandise opportunities, smaller sports clubs aren’t generating the revenue they need to showcase their content to a larger audience. 

Broadcasting live sports via traditional satellite is typically associated with high costs and strict timings. There are many different people and infrastructures involved with satellite broadcasts, as well as other costly factors, such as satellite trucks. Livelink enables users to manage content from anywhere, for a fraction of the cost of fibre and satellite. It uses a pay as you go model meaning infrastructure can be maximised when needed, without unmanageable costs.

Innovations in technology and connectivity mean that niche sports organisations now have the same opportunities as the larger scale ones. IP for content distribution removes the obstacles that many niche sports have struggled to overcome, such as having the spare revenue to invest into getting their events seen.

Cerberus Tech is working to remove the barriers and build awareness around affordable IP technology to support niche sports. Livelink enables live events of all kinds to reach new audiences and deliver valuable content to those who want to see it, no matter where they are in the world. The transition to IP will mean sports broadcasters can provide content like never before and audiences will be able to engage with a much wider variety of sports.