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Convert IP video traffic without being tied to a single approach

A dockerised broadcast application, that defines the environment the software runs in, without limiting the user to specific operating systems or hardware.
Scales to unlimited outputs for automatic switching, for in/out video and audio contribution and distribution
Offering complete compatibility between open video transport stream protocols, including RTP, UDP, RIST, SRT, Zixi, RTMP and HLS
Install as a container on hardware, in virtual or cloud environments, as well as behind organisational firewalls.

IO puts the latest toolsets for live IP delivery in your hands.

  • Send one to many or many to oneusing IO as either a sending device, receiving device or sit it in the middle as broadcasting device acting as a central hub for distribution of content.
  • Bring in any supported format and convert to any other supported format allowing flexibility in your workflow to suit customers needs.
  • Compatible with any other deviceusing the same standards allowing interoperability and giving great flexibility without the need for proprietary software.

Full management and monitoring capabilities via a simple and intuitive user interface.

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IO is a software-based live IP video switching application, offering a point-to-point, or point-to-multipoint broadcast solution.

The dockerised broadcast application allows for seamless switching between; RTP, UDP, RIST, SRT, Zixi, RTMP and HLS delivery protocols. IO can be scaled to unlimited outputs and used within a device, data centre or cloud environment.


  • MPEG-TS over UDP/RTP
  • RIST (TR-06-1) Rated to 200Mbps
  • SRT (Listener, Caller & rendezvous)
  • RTMP Pull
  • HLS


  • MPEG-TS over UDP/RTP
  • RIST (TR-06-1) Rated to 200Mbps
  • SRT (Listener, Caller & rendezvous)
  • RTMP Push
  • HLS

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