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Network 1 is our proven internet based platform for primary distribution of linear content

Network 1 is changing the way that content stakeholders, from broadcasters to studio executives, share and move their content. Internet based, it's a more flexible alternative to fibre and satellite to deliver content to the same destinations.

From public service broadcasters, to global media giants, the UK's oldest commercial network and premier league football teams, Network 1 customers are increasingly utilising global connectivity to transport linear video content.

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Greater Reliability

Automatically reroute content based on the best available link, Network 1 ensures five 9s reliability, guaranteed latency globally and any issues detected within milliseconds.

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Flexible Alternative

Use Network 1 for backup to augment or replace fibre & satellite; Network 1 builds in the redundancy and tests the failover to ensure that if your main path fails, the backup delivery path would always work.


Cost effective

Annual contracts with flexible packages to suit the terms of your playout contract, allowing you to only pay for what you really need.


Complete Service

Cerberus Tech makes the process of getting up and running with Network 1 simple: installation, service activation, management, hardware specification and service monitoring as standard.


Speed is the key

Set up times measured in days and hours rather than months and weeks. Current record (not that we are measuring) is 37 minutes from introduction to the affiliate to sign off on the linear distribution.


hardware to suit

Hardware options to suit all affiliate’s hand-off requirements including multi channel SDI decoders, ASI or IP handoff including options for a return feed for off air monitoring.

Network 1 against other distribution methods

  • Low service fees.

  • No long term minimum contracts.

  • Deliver to multiple destinations with a single uplink.

  • Redundancy, fail-over, monitoring and management options.

  • Deliver over managed and unmanaged networks.

  • Scalable to multiple locations.

  • Leading distribution encoders or 'bring your own'.

  • Deliver new services to new sites in seconds.