Introducing Calendar View in Livelink

by | Jun 20, 2024 | Blog Post

We’re delighted to announce the latest set of UI updates in Livelink, with a huge addition to our suite of management and visualisation tools – calendar view! 

This enhancement brings all the power and familiarity of common calendar app functionality to the platform, including the ability to copy and paste schedules, build recurring schedules, and easily duplicate schedules without the need to manually input data. In addition, being able to seamlessly switch between day, week, month and list view allows users to view their schedules in their preferred way, another example of how we have developed Livelink in a way that prioritises user choice. 

Ultimately this UI update further increases the efficiency of scheduling processes and addresses the demand for a solution that allows for easy bulk and/or repeatable scheduling. Our customers with large-scale occasional use booking portfolios with fairly fixed schedules, for example sports leagues and long-form tournament distribution agreements, requested functionality that would allow them to create repeatable bookings months in advance. In the case of tournaments, even when fixtures are scheduled well in advance but the participating teams are not yet known, having the ability to effectively zoom out on the calendar means it is still possible to prepare cloud resources well in advance and see an entire tournament schedule weeks before it is due to start.   

Better still, Livelink’s comprehensive API means that syncing schedules with external tools, such as ScheduALL, is seamless. However, some customers still use the Livelink UI separately as a part of their overall booking and scheduling process so we are pleased to offer this UI improvement. 

All of this increases visibility for MCR coordinators who can more easily cross-check bookings in a given time period and identify well in advance what resources are required. This in turn also contributes to decision-making around remote and on-site staffing requirements, management of downtime (and therefore optimising utilisation), and contingency planning. 

This enhancement, along with all of the other features available within Livelink, brings the repeatability and familiarity of permanent schedules and 24/7 services to occasional use workflows. Want to know more? Get in touch with the team today for a demo.