A 35 year old Global Mass Media Company with non-scripted and factual TV Channel



A 35 year old Global Mass Media Company with non-scripted and factual TV Channels.


Our customer was looking for satellite augmentation for linear channel distribution. In order to provide total coverage over a given geographical area it was important to ‘plug’ the gaps in the satellite footprints. Looking for a new IP based distribution model with redundancy, global reach and flexibility of delivery whilst also saving costs, our customer reached out to Cerberus Tech as the managed service experts in linear IP distribution and provision of a service wrap around Zixi technology.


Cerberus has an extensive portfolio of customers using their always on, 24/7 delivery platform, Network 1 and has worked with our customer for three years, primarily on a Eurosport distribution agreement.  Due to the success of that collaboration, our customer knew they could rely on Network 1 to push some channels out to somewhat geographically remote customers whilst retaining the reliability and uptime of traditional delivery methods.

Cerberus always deploy complete redundancy on their IP services and so worked with our customer’s play-out partner to install a main and backup source node in their data centre. The addition of two separate ISPs allows for a truly diverse and redundant first mile delivery into Network 1.  Each affiliate has a main delivery path and failover routes for backup in order to keep bandwidth requirements lower.  IP is enabling super fast channel deployments to existing affiliates, opening up new worlds of content delivery for enlightened broadcasters and this deployment with three channel handoffs to four affiliates within three weeks of contract signing proves it.

Network 1, hosted in multiple cloud platforms provides geographic and vendor diversity in order to provide a main and backup delivery to all destinations.  Cerberus provide all necessary hardware for affiliate installations including provision for SDI, ASI and IP handoffs. Network 1 includes 24/7 monitoring, management and reporting to ensure a perfect delivery to all affiliates whilst also providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support for all issues anywhere on the transmission chain.

All destination affiliates are on the extremities of most APAC satellite footprints and are now happy to be able to accept linear delivery without compromising on quality.