Press Release: Cerberus Tech Updates Livelink with Advanced Live Transcoding and Real-time IP Monitoring Features

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Press Release

Southampton, UK, 15th November 2022 – Cerberus Tech Ltd has announced the latest updates to Livelink, its sports and live events IP contribution platform. Livelink users can now access detailed event reports, enhanced monitoring and alerts, and advanced real-time transcoding capabilities. A refreshed User Interface (UI) provides broadcast engineers with an intuitive User Experience (UX), faster navigation between actions, and the ability for one engineer to manage many simultaneous live workflows.

Livelink offers a robust IP delivery solution, to transport live linear and OTT content from point-to-point or multi-point. It combines a protocol agnostic, multi-cloud compatible infrastructure with low-latency reach. The Livelink platform simplifies IP workflows so users can self-serve content delivery or benefit from fully managed content services, facilitated by a global network of technical partners. The platform is underpinned by continuous improvement and innovations based on advancements in technology, user feedback, and changes to the way operators work.

File Transcoding 

Livelink has been enhanced with true SaaS file transcoding capabilities, via an integration and automation of Ateme’s award winning Titan File. Built using Kubernetes for on demand scaling, the API-ready integration automates cluster deployments, allows an unlimited job list and job priorities, provides template verification, and storage across clusters. Auto scaling in the cloud allows for greater than real-time processing, and the possibility to transcode hundreds or thousands of jobs simultaneously. In depth reporting and monitoring provide business analysis tools to calculate the total time and cost of processing each file.  


Cerberus Tech has added an interactive map to Livelink, which offers a global overview of active services in one convenient place. This feature is paired with monitoring and alert tools that allow users to add source and destination locations, connected to cloud environments. This provides a real time overview of the content, feeds, links and services running on Livelink. In addition there are significant improvements to Livelink’s real-time monitoring, alerts, to offer more in-depth reporting. All tracking can be tailored to individual requirements, to ensure fast and efficient management of feeds. 

Livelink Map

Live Transcoding 

Livelink’s integration with Ateme Titan Live provides seamless broadcast-grade transcoding, utilising best-in-class motion adaptive processing. Content owners can now create multiple broadcast profiles (interlaced content for TV) and OTT profiles (progressive for second and third screens) from a single mezzanine input. This includes the handling of multiple audio tracks. The UI has been updated, enabling users to easily create multi-bitrate ladders, handle different GOP structures, and remap PIDs.

Brad Carter, Chief Technology Officer, Cerberus Tech, commented: “Broadcast engineers working on live events need to respond quickly. Livelink simplifies and streamlines IP workflows, so users don’t need an engineering background to manage broadcast environments. The platform’s advanced monitoring, presented in an application-style interface, maximises response time in high-pressure situations. Users can customise every aspect of the workflow to suit changing requirements.”

Livelink Channel UI

These features are scheduled for release throughout November 2022. For more information on Livelink or Cerberus Tech’s other IP services, please visit or contact the team directly at

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