Case Study


MSTV specialises in delivering live broadcasts of a wide range of sporting and musical events. MSTV delivers high-quality and flexible broadcast feeds and provides smaller sporting events with the opportunity to broadcast to audiences worldwide.

The Challenge

MSTV urgently needed a solution which could broadcast live football matches from the Antalya region in Turkey. It needed a robust and secure solution to deliver the broadcast, however it wanted to avoid the cost of renting satellite capacity and the inflexibility of local satellite providers. 

The broadcaster required MSTV to deliver the live feed in an SRT format, to ensure compatibility with their production and distribution networks.

MSTV had a Zixi-enabled encoder and needed a solution which would convert the feed to SRT and transport it to the distribution centre. Additionally, MSTV had commitments to deliver the live feed to social media and OTT, and therefore it needed a method to convert the feed into a progressive format.

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The Solution

As satellite broadcast was not the right fit for MSTV, it opted for IP delivery of its content. Our Livelink IaaS platform provided a cost-effective and reliable means of delivering live content to its distributors over IP. As an off-the-shelf solution, Livelink was quickly integrated into MSTV’s existing set-up without the need for adjustments.

Livelink offers comprehensive rights management and complete routing and scheduling control. It provided MSTV with a solution that could take control of the feeds and deliver content at an extremely commercially competitive rate. 

Working alongside Open Broadcast Systems’ decoders for delivery over 4G, Livelink transported the content and converted it to an SRT feed for delivery to the broadcaster. Additionally, Livelink transcoded the content into a progressive format, enabling MSTV to send the live feed directly to social media and OTT services.

Livelink’s adaptable and agnostic infrastructure ensured the safe and stable delivery of content. 

MSTV utilised Open Broadcast Systems’ encoders with Zixi on board for bonded delivery over 4G into Livelink. Livelink provided a single interface for MSTV to be able to easily convert the feed to SRT, transcode to a progressive format for OTT and schedule the outgoing feeds to all the takers.

Livelink’s adaptable and agnostic infrastructure ensured the safe and stable delivery of content without any long-term commitments. 

The Results

Supported by our Livelink infrastructure, MSTV had the ability to deliver live content via IP at short notice and transform its single feed into the different formats required for each end use.

Livelink provides infrastructure-as-a-service, as opposed to component tools. This means that it fits within the media workflows and allows users to transport and convert content as required.

As a feed contribution infrastructure, Livelink allowed MSTV to manage feed costs effectively with a pay-as-you-go structure, removing the risk of MSTV being charged any hidden costs. 

  • Complete control over content contribution and scheduling.
  • Quick set up – minimal hardware.
  • No hidden costs.

Cerberus Tech’s Livelink platform enabled MSTV to deliver to final takers with ease. The platform’s stability and security changed how we were able to approach production, allowing us to move to IP delivery with a simple set-up. Cerberus Tech responded quickly to our needs, the team were incredibly helpful and it was a pleasure to communicate with them

Krunoslav Petric
Head of Operations, MSTV