Case Study

Matchroom Boxing

Find out how Cerberus Tech helped Matchroom Boxing with the distribution of the big fight build-up and main event content.
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The Challenge

Matchroom Boxing were seeking a cost-effective redundant solution for the distribution of the big fight build-up and main event content for the ‘Clash on the Dunes’ World Heavyweight boxing rematch between Joshua and Ruiz Jr.

All eyes would be on the ancient city of Al-Diriyah, on the outskirts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a full week of events, including the public workout, press conferences and weigh-in which all led to the main event and Matchroom wanted confidence that all of these events could reach their global audience.

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The Solution

Working closely with Matchroom and Loop Productions throughout the week, our IP platform, Livelink, offered a low cost, flexible solution which allowed our customer to get their high-value content from Saudi Arabia to BT Tower where they could be picked up by global affiliates and distributed worldwide.

Initially, our cloud-hosted contribution service, which is facilitated by the best IP delivery software and monitoring available, was put in place as back-up with the main delivery by traditional satellite workflows.

Given the location of the events, internet bandwidth and infrastructure was restricted to some extent, but being involved with the full event schedule and having successfully delivered clean feeds all week, Matchroom had confidence that Livelink could be relied on in the event of any satellite related technical issues.

The Results

On the day of the main event, severe weather at the event location meant that satellite feeds were intermittent and unreliable.

Given that Matchroom had used Livelink all week to deliver the supplementary content, the Livelink contribution feed was switched in as the main delivery.

It remained in place throughout each fight on the event undercard and for all twelve rounds of the World Heavyweight title fight before Anthony Joshua was once again crowned Heavyweight Champion of the World’.

  • Livelink remains the IP platform of choice for linear delivery of prime content for Matchroom.
  • The company views this successful delivery as a victory in demonstrating Cerberus’ capabilities.
  • Joshua wasn’t the only winner on the night!