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Live Broadcast Streaming over IP


Zixi is a proven network and video aware SW platform that enables the simple, economical, and secure delivery of broadcast quality video over the internet to any device over any distance. The world's top broadcast, digital content and video processing companies rely on the Zixi platform in a wide variety of use cases including live event production, primary contribution, backup and disaster recovery, ENG news gathering, network monitoring, and broadcast distribution workflows.

Cerberus are proud to be the UK Reseller, Distributor and Solutions Experts for Zixi.  We have years of experience in systems design, workflow and real tried and tested deployments under our belts.


Enabling Live Broadcast Video Over IP From Anywhere to Anywhere


Zixi Proven, Reliable, Video Delivery over IP

Cost Effective, Highly available, secure end to end video Delivery solution for Contribution, Distribution, OTT, and more.

“ We were able to employ Zixi, which is simple to set up at the venue, to provide a high quality experience that rivals that of fiber or satellite at a fraction of the cost ”

How does zixi stack up?

Effective Video Bitrate vs Packet Loss and Latency