Managed Services


Network1 is our managed services platform whether Fixed, Occasional Use, Film and TV Production or Events.  Network1 allows our customers a global reach without the need for expensive provisioned fibre, satellite bandwidth or their lengthy delays.  


Fixed services


fixed services

The breakthrough technology on our platform allows content owners and broadcasters to deliver their video over unmanaged IP networks to multiple destinations without any loss in quality, saving on expensive satellite bandwidth or leased lines.

occasional use

Utilise the most flexible delivery network for Occasional Use or Short-term services including direct connectivity to BT Tower and multiple uplink and downlink facilities.  Sports events, conferences, large productions, live TV and studio feeds.  

OccaSsional Use

film & tv production

film & TV production

Our unique service, Live Link, was created from the ground up to be the most flexible, secure video distribution system for Film and TV Production.

Securely connecting multiple filming units in real time regardless of location.

live events

Access the full capability of our live events team to provide engineering, equipment, network access, encoding, affiliate/partner & CDN delivery.

live events

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