Our Team




E: chris@cerberus.tech

T: +44(0) 7545 539879

Chris Clarke created Cerberus Tech with co-founder Brad Carter to exploit breakthrough technologies in IP, software encoding and cloud processing to deliver live content. Prior to creating Cerberus Tech, Chris served 9 years as a military communicator delivering global critical communications infrastructure with higher than 5 9’s availability for high tempo operations and also as an IP and networks consultant to the broadcast industry.

As CEO, or Chief Evangelical Officer as Chris calls himself, he is responsible for the overall steerage of the company and also conducts all business development activities. He also spends time running around ‘preaching’ about how fantastic our services are.

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E: brad@cerberus.tech

T: +44(0) 7824 707484

Brad Carter is the CTO, whose primary focus is on the technical platforms within the organisation as well as R&D. Essentially it is Brad’s responsibility to examine the short and long-term needs of the company and, of course, our markets, and utilise capital to make investments into technology designed to further the companies goals. Brad bridges the gap between sales and delivery and leads the Engineering team to ensure that our customer’s wishes are turned into reality. Given that Cerberus isn’t a corporate giant, Brad also has to deal with a lot of the day-to-day running of the company on top of his other responsibilities and plays a key part in the recruitment, training and development of our staff.

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Commercial Director

E: kevin.taylor@cerberus.tech

T: +44(0) 7899 877469

Commercial Director, Kevin Taylor, has been involved with the Company since 2015. Kevin brings a “can do” attitude to the Company’s commercial relationships, which reflects the Cerberus Tech ethos. Pragmatic advice and solution-focussed approach and Kevin’s skill set was honed over 20+ years in private sector commercial law firm. Working closely with the CEO and Sales team the Cerberus Tech approach to customer requirements is “yes we can” and Kevin works closely with the team to ensure the commercials enable this not act as an impediment. Kevin has experience across a broad range of sectors and industries and this provides valuable strategic input to the Company’s Board.



Sales Director

E: andy.howard@cerberus.tech

T: +44(0) 7711 640276

Andy has over 20+ years in the broadcast market, starting in operations, through to pre-sales and finally moving to sales and account management. Andy is responsible for sales opportunities for new business and existing accounts for Cerberus Tech, maintaining and building long term Client relationships and developing and executing the sales strategy.
Outside of work, Andy loves his sport, especially football and is a West Ham season ticket holder, a qualified football referee, and tries to keep fit when he is not providing a taxi service for his teenage children.


Operations Manager

E: chris.perkiss@cerberus.tech

T: +44(0) 7772 492211

As the Operations Manager, Chris’ role is varied and no day is the same. Primarily, he is responsible for making sure that the day-to-day activities required for our business to function effectively are carried out. This includes, but is not limited to: direct liaison with customers to ensure that their needs are understood and communicated to the sales and engineering teams; designing, implementing and managing business processes to make us as efficient as possible; overseeing all purchasing, stock, invoicing and credit control processes for accurate financial reporting and performance analysis; and, sourcing, onboarding and training of staff as well as all other general office management tasks…which includes loading the dishwasher!