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Open Broadcast Systems provides broadcast software for video and audio transport running on off-the-shelf IT equipment. This allows IT hardware to perform multiple broadcast functions, each running as apps, aiding convergence between the broadcast and IT industries, and reducing costs drastically.

Major sporting and breaking news events have been transported using Open Broadcast Systems end-to-end software encoding and decoding. Today, thousands of encoders deliver contribution and distribution services to millions of homes.

OBS encoders and decoders are able to deliver high quality, low-latency broadcast services, running as apps on standard IT hardware. Both turnkey solutions or bring-your-own-hardware options are available. Where CPU and chassis allow, you can combine any of our other apps such as Intercom or ASI processing on the same device. This means you can build multi-purpose broadcast equipment, moving away from the "one-box-one-job" world. 

All Open Broadcast Systems products can be managed via a powerful UI or SNMP. 

OBS allows multi role boxes to be deployed often providing a whole TX solution in a single chassis
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