IP – what’s not to love?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably read a lot about IP in the broadcast sector. There are studies predicting that investment in emerging technologies will be the big thing this year…

There are updates  on how the media’s transition to IP is gaining momentum

The BBC’s technology chief talk about how the public service broadcaster envisages an “all-IP future”…

Even Ofcom is getting in on the act, warning broadcasters to act now and embrace IP or risk the same fate of many highstreet retailers…

IP isn’t a pipe dream

I’m excited about IP, but not because it’s an idyllic notion of something that will transform the broadcast industry at some point in the future. I’m excited about IP because I see it happening here and now, and the real impact it’s having on our clients.

You might not have heard of Cerberus before – and that’s ok, we don’t make a lot of noise about what we do.

Also, when your clients include a public service broadcaster, pan-European telecommunications conglomerate, the oldest commercial network in the UK, senior feature-film producers and the giants in Silicon Valley, you find that you’re actually bound by strict confidentiality agreements preventing you from talking about what you do.

Yes, we provide Internet-based primary distribution to some of the best-known names on the planet because they’re excited by ‘new’ technology and want to realise the benefits it brings their organisation now…that’s why they’re at the top of their game.

Think about it…

Quality, reliable, flexible distribution like never before…what’s not to love?

“The Internet isn’t reliable”

I hear this a lot, but I would argue the Internet is actually more reliable than fibre or satellite…

Communicating with both ends of the chain, Internet-based distribution systems check the content was sent and received. It can detect if your playout or source fails. Within milliseconds it knows if your content encountered issues in transit, which means you can implement the protocols to rectify any issues quickly. Internet-based distribution gives you more control and more functions ‘built-in’.

“I’m trapped by my current provider(s)”

The expectation used to be that you would extract value from your infrastructure for 10-15 years. Today’s reality is that it’s just three years so you shouldn’t feel tied to your current provider…

Our clients typically sign up for a year, and we can offer flexible packages to help give you the coverage you need while aligning with your playout contract running its course.

Furthermore, the Internet doesn’t care where your playout is based; with data centres around the world it’s easy enough to switch where your content is hosted if/when you switch playout providers – it’s just a case of ‘moving the box’.

“I just don’t have time”

I’d argue that setting up a fibre connection is the most involved process ever; it can take three-to-six months of contract negotiation and set up to get everything in place.

With Internet it’s a lot faster - our current record is 37 minutes, when we were tasked with getting the 6 Nations Rugby tournament to a global audience.

Reach the top of your game

Our Internet-based product, Network 1, is available today and in use across the world. The reliable, flexible, cost-effective alternative to fibre and satellite, it’s fast to set up and can be used as the primary method of distribution, or as backup.

Learn more about Network 1

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