Deliver your Content over the most Redundant Network on Earth

Network1 takes the unmanaged nature of the internet and turns it into it's greatest asset.  In order to deliver your content globally Network1 automatically re-routes content based on the best available link ensuring five 9s reliability and a guaranteed latency globally.


Capitalise on the Power of the Cloud

Network1 capitalises on the cloud and the connectivity that allows on a truly global basis and offers this to professional Broadcasters.  Network1 is a redundant, diverse global network created with the sole aim of delivering your content safely and securely over the internet, connecting anywhere to everywhere.


Multipoint Delivery

Deliver your content to multiple global destinations, teleports, cable head ends, off-site facilities, monitoring stations all from one uplink.


Flawless Quality

Network1 will deliver your SD, HD, UHD quality content regardless of encoding profile.

MPEG2, MPEG4/h.264, HEVC/h.265.



Network1 allows the cost savings associated with internet delivery whilst maintaining the reliability required of your content.  Our network has been proven to withstand extra-ordinary amounts of packet loss and still deliver each and every packet of your content.


Whilst delivering to your primary destinations Network1 can also deliver your live feed directly into your CDN(s) as an RTMP feed from our cloud network ensuring reliable delivery including backup or secondary feeds.

Located in the middle of the Indian ocean, we managed to send high resolution video around the globe with low latency & high reliability at an affordable price.
— Kannappen Carooppunnen, Mauritius Turf Club