Mauritius Turf Club



Mauritius Turf Club

Business need

Mauritius Turf Club were looking for a cost-effective way to distribute their content to more partners with geographic limitations or expensive fibre and satellite costs in order to increase the number and depth of engagement with its customers

solution and results

Network1 offered a low cost, flexible solution to distribute the low latency feed to Mauritius Turf Club’s partners and also transcode and deliver as RTMPt o Mauritius Turf Club’s own YouTube channel.

By using a cloud-hosted service and the best internet distribution software and monitoring Cerberus were able to deliver Mauritius Turf Club’s feed with a quick setup and at a price that met the customer's budget.

Network1 includes access to 24/7/365 support and the end to end monitoring which makes sure the feeds are highly reliable and SLA backed.