The Service

LiveLink is a service from Cerberus that allows a production to be in multiple places at the same time.

  • No operator required - autonomous service
  • Short term hire available
  • Use any available connectivity - Ethernet, 4G, Satellite, Fibre
  • Point to point
  • Point to multipoint
  • Display via SDI to video assist or HDMI to large screen. i.e. in Production Office
  • Industry defined security accreditation


Link latency is not an issue with LiveLink, it is capable of flawless quality over satellite links, 3G, 4G/LTE or adverse network congestion.

LiveLink is network agnostic and will work with any available internet connection enabling on location shoots, anywhere in the world, to be viewed in studio stages in real time.

Example: First unit is filming in Europe and second unit is on the Studio Stage, LiveLink would allow first unit Director to securely view second unit video. 



  • End to end global video monitoring
  • Securely authenticated and 256 bit AES encrypted video 
  • Multiple form factors to suit your environment from ruggedised field units to rack mounted server infrastructure
  • Point to point or multipoint
  • Industry defined security


  • Gives the user the ability to view multiple streams from a single location
  • Mitigates unnecessary travel and expensive re-shoots
  • Secure viewing whilst on the move
  • Complete control over all monitoring feeds