Case Study

Nemeton TV

Find out how Nemeton TV has worked in partnership with Cerberus Tech to transport live sports content, using satellite and IP without compromising on quality or reliability.
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The Background

Nemeton TV is a production company producing premium content for broadcasters, sports organisations, and commercial brands. Nemeton Digisat is part of Nemeton TV and is the biggest satellite operator in Ireland, providing satellite uplinks on a national and international basis. Through Nemeton Digisat, Nemeton TV can provide satellite uplinks and downlinks to transport content where it needs to be.

Transporting content around the world is a complex process, this is largely because content owners, production companies, broadcasters, and affiliates, often use a range of methods and infrastructure to send and receive content. Factors such as region, content type, and organisational infrastructure, all determine how content is delivered.

Cerberus Tech’s ongoing work in partnership with Nemeton TV helps to bridge the gap, by providing a gateway between satellite and IP contribution and distribution. 

Racecourse Media Group

The Challenge

Currently, many broadcast organisations use satellite-based contribution and distribution workflows. As IP becomes more prevalent in the broadcast industry, many are looking to utilise this cost-effective approach to deliver additional supplementary content. 

There are still instances when transporting the main feed via satellite is the logical choice, so even if organisations are branching into IP delivery, satellite delivery is still sometimes required.

As an added layer of complexity, even if the delivery method is cloud-based, companies throughout the Content Delivery Network (CDN) may be using different protocols which can limit reach. Put simply, if company A’s equipment cannot talk to company B’s equipment, then you have a problem. 

Not only do the challenges highlighted need to be addressed, but content also needs to be transmitted securely, in a cost-effective and timely way, without compromising on reliability or quality.

Racecourse Media Group

The Solution

There is a clear need for more interoperability between satellite and IP. Cerberus Tech offers the experience and knowledge to provide expert advice and guidance to help organisations incorporate IP into their existing workflows. 

Cerberus Tech’s Livelink solution is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) live delivery platform, which allows users to either self-manage live feeds or use as a managed service from any location to any destination. Livelink combines flexibility and control with global reach, transporting live content over the internet at scale.

Livelink is available in every region and is compatible with any transport protocol as well as being cloud agnostic. It has the capabilities to receive content from one protocol, ‘rewrap’ it into another protocol, and deliver it with the same reliability and quality.

It is this interoperability that sets Livelink apart from other solutions, particularly as more and more broadcasters are starting to use IP delivery but often struggle with incompatible protocols.

The Results

Cerberus Tech and Nemeton TV have worked together to deliver live sports content from Europe to Papua New Guinea. 

A satellite feed would have required teleporting around the globe, via several downlinks and uplinks to reach this region.

Using Livelink allowed the feeds to be set up very quickly and easily by leveraging IP infrastructure. Integrating IP into projects like this has the potential to significantly reduce costs.


  • Utilising Cerberus Tech’s IP expertise.
  • Building robust hybrid workflows and interoperability.
  • Helping broadcasters overcome content delivery challenges.

Hybrid satellite and IP content delivery is the way forward. There clearly is a place for both satellite and IP to work together, they are not mutually exclusive. Livelink makes it possible to easily repackage content and Cerberus has the knowledge and experience to support, advise and deliver a great outcome when it comes to IP delivery.

Fiachna Mac Murchú
Systems Manager, Nemeton TV