Cerberus Tech at BVE 2019

IP is a hot topic at the moment; hitting the same delivery destinations as satellite and fibre, it’s faster, cheaper and a more flexible alternative - the return is immediate. 


 Unlike a lot of the industry hype, we’re offering products that are being used now and proving their worth.

 From public service broadcasters, to pan-European telecommunications conglomerates, the UK’s oldest commercial network and feature film producers and directors, our clients are distributing their content the modern way…


Internet-based distribution

The reliable, flexible, cost-effective alternative to fibre and satellite that’s fast to set up and can be used as the primary method of distribution, or as backup, or both!


1 second to production

Moving your most valuable live content from source to destination via the Internet. Use our self-service web portal to schedule and manage bookings, and only pay for what you use.


Best-in-class delivery

Transforming video delivery in partnership with ATEME, Open Broadcast Systems and Zixi - the industry's best-in-class solutions for video encoding and distribution.